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Defense Contract Audit Agency

     Audit Guidance Memoranda

     Defense Contract Audit Manual (DCAM)

     Directory of Audit Programs and Guidance

     FAR Cost Principles Guide

     Information for Contractors (pdf)    

DoD Inspector General

Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)

    Site Map

     Government Industry Reference Data Edit  and Review (iGIRDER)

     Military Engineering Data Asset Locator (MEDALS) Search


Department of Labor

       National Pre-Award Registry Search

       NAICS/SIC Correspondence Tables

       SIC Code Search

       Service Contract Act List of Occupations

       Vets-100 Program

       Wage Determinations Online   

       Wage Determinations (Davis Bacon)

       Wage Determinations (Service Contract Act)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

       SBA HUB-Zone Program

Veterans Affairs Vet-Owned Business Site (VetBIZ Registry)


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