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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)    

Federal Register

48 C.F.R. FAR System--



                Parts    1 - 15

                Parts  16 - 30

                Parts  31 - 45

                Parts  46 - 53



     FAR Supplements


            Dept of Agriculture (AGAR) 

            Dept. of Commerce (CAR)      

            DoD FAR Supp (DFARS)

            NASA FAR Supp

            Air Force FAR Supp

            Army FAR Supp

            Corps of Engineers FAR Supp (EFARS)

            Defense Commissary Agency (DCAARS)

            Dept. of Education (EDAR)

            Dept. of Energy (DEAR)

            Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHSAR)

            Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev. (HUDAR)

            Dept. of Homeland Security (HSAR)

                 Coast Guard

            Dept. of the Interior (DIAR)

                 U.S. Geological Survey

            Dept. of Justice (JAR)

            Dept. of Labor (DOLAR)

            Dept. of State (DSAR)

            Dept. of the Treasury (DTAR)

            Dept. of Transportation (TAR)

            Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VAAR)

            EPA (EPAAR) 



       Federal Acquisition Circulars (FAC)

Other Agencies' Procurement Regulations:

FAA Acquisition Management System

FDIC Procurement Guidance

GSA Acquisition Manual

Government Printing Office Procurement

Defense Health Agency Desktop Reference

United States Patent and Trademark Office Acquisition Guidelines

USPS Interim Internal Purchasing Guidelines

Code of Federal Regulations 

(Selected Titles)

    Title 13     Business Credit and Assistance

           Small Business Administration

           SBA's Table of Small Business Size Standards

           NAICS (2007 Revisions)

     Title 15     Commerce and Foreign Trade

           Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 

      Title 29     Labor

           Office of the Secretary of Labor

           Labor Standards for Federal Service Contracts

           Wage and Hour Division

      Title 41     Public Contracts and Property Management

           Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

       Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)         

      Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) -- DoD

     FAA Acquisition Management System

        Contract Clauses


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